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Pumpkin Seed Oil 250ml by EVERY BIT ORGANIC RAW



Product Description

Pumpkin Seed Oil 250ml by EVERY BIT ORGANIC RAW

Pumpkin seed oil is a remarkably powerful source of health benefits including the ability to improve heart health, boost the appearance of your skin, improve circulation, strengthen the bones, prevent depression, stimulate hair growth, eliminate inflammation, balance hormones and protect the prostate.

Product Details
Every Bit Organic RAW  pumpkin seed oil is cold pressed and unrefined, meaning that nothing has been added or taken away. Once the oil is pressed it is stored in stainless steel tanks for 5 days before bottling so any seed particles can settle. There is no trans-fatty acids or cholesterol in pumpkin seed oil just natural goodness that you can really taste!

Shelf life
18- 24 months


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