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Madagascar 68 Origin Chocolate 100gr



Product Description

Madagascar 68 Origin Chocolate 100gr

This is a fine flavor grade of cacao Trinatario from Madagascar, Sambriano Valley. It is a Single Estate Cacao from the Northern Ambanja region and is Certified Organic. As I have found characteristic of this origin, there is quite a bit of bright fruit, in particular strawberry, but this time there is also a backdrop of softer fruits like plum and apricot. If you are not familiar with Madagascar cacao, then prepare for a wild ride. It is a real powerhouse.

68% Organic Cacao sourced from Madagascar.

Origin Chocolate makers source the finest cacao beans from around the world to create real chocolate, as unique as the places our beans come from. Chocolate with a complexity of flavour that varies – fruity notes, sweet caramels, nuttiness. Origin chocolate has a creaminess like no other that will keep you wanting more… This is truly one of nature’s gifts, enjoy

This product may contain traces of nuts.
 Ingredients: organic cacao beans, organic cacao butter, organic raw sugar.

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