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Biologika Lemon Myrtle Conditioner 1Lt



Product Description

Australian Biologika Lemon Myrtle Organic Conditioner () 1 Lt – Buy Online

Australian Biologika Lemon Myrtle Organic Conditioner Products On Sale

A powerful astringent and clarifying conditioner formulated to benefit oily hair and scalp with: Witch hazel – used for its highly astringent and soothing effect on the scalp and hair; Organic Pineapple and Organic Papaya extracts – work in synergy to purify, refresh and eradicate excess oil build up; Biodynamic Avocado oil – for its balancing emollient properties and its vitamin A content, to leave your hair clean fresh and enlivened. Size – 1LT


Purified water, biodynamic avocado oil, natural cetyl and cetearyl alcohol, organic extracts of Pineapple and Papaya, locust bean gum, witch hazel extract,  glyceryloleate, organic lemon myrtle pure essential oil, tocopherol, citrus seed extract, olive leaf extract, potassium sorbate and citric acid.

About Australian Biologika:

Australian Biologika is an all-over body care range made with natural and organic ingredients. It has not been tested on animals, is cruelty free, vegan friendly and environmentally responsible. Biologika is an affordable, safe and aromatic line of products for the whole family to enjoy.

Why Choose Australian Biologika products?

Australian Biologika is committed to organics as the way forward. By supporting our products you are caring for yourself, your family, your home and garden without the dangers of harmful chemicals or harsh synthetic ingredients, thus improving your health whilst lessening the impact on our precious earth.

  • All products are made with natural and organic ingredients
  • Are free from harsh and synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrances
  • Cruelty free & vegan friendly
  • Grey water safe

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